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Covid 19 Vaccine

UPDATE 31.03.22


This page will be regularly updated with information regarding to Covid 19 Vaccination program. As and when we know any new information it will be posed here.

Clinics have been added for this week. 

MYTH BUSTING – available in different languages

COVID-19 Vaccine Hub – Myths

 **Manchester COVID-19 helpline for the public**

This is a new free telephone service that can help anyone who:

Has questions about COVID-19

Needs help to book their COVID-19 vaccination

Needs help to book COVID-19 testing

Has questions on when to isolate.

You can ring the helpline for free on 0800 840 3858.

The helpline is open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. Advice will be from the nursing team and a translation service is available.

Spring Boosters: 

Every Patient who is 75 or over or lives in a Care Home ( any Age) will be offered their Spring Covid Booster vaccination 6 months after their last vaccination.

The Practice will contact patients when they become eligible to have the vaccination. Text Message to book appointments will be sent where we have a mobile phone number or phone calls will be made.

Clinics will be ran from the surgery at designated times.

Booster Vaccination:

The surgery is running booster clinics from the surgery. You will be eligible for your booster 6 months after your 2nd covid vaccination. Your booster  CAN NOT be done any sooner than 6 months after your 2nd vaccination. Text and Phone call will be made to patients enabling them to book into the clinics.

Spring, Booster, 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Dose Booking:

If you have not heard from the practice and wish to book your vaccination please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment or call 0161 947 0770 (Option7)

Incomplete vaccination status on your NHS app or medical records

Please call 119 and ask them to make a referral to the VDRS (Vaccine Data Resolution Service), they will take your details and forward this information on – you will get a call back from the VDRS within 5 days.

Public enquires/feedback

Members of the public or community groups who have enquiries about the Vaccination programme should email mhcc.engagement@nhs.net. Feedback or complaints about the Vaccination programme should be directed to nhscomplaints@manchester.gov.uk .


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