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Covid 19 Vaccine

UPDATE 10.03.21


This page will be regularly updated with information regarding to Covid 19 Vaccination program. As and when we know any new information it will be posed here.

Clinics have been added for this week. you will be invites based on your eligible group. 

MYTH BUSTING – available in different languages

COVID-19 Vaccine Hub – Myths

Vaccination Hub: 

All vaccinations will be delivered from the PCN Hub – NEWTON HEALTH HEALTH CENTRE.

***10.03.21*** MASS VACCINE SITE

Letters / text messages have been sent to patients in cohort 7 enabling you to book in for your vaccine at the Ethiad Tennis Center. This is to ensure you get your vaccine as soon as possible. Please note that you can still book an appointment at Newton Health Health Centre if you would prefer.

the text message will look like this

‘Dear ##### , due to immediate availability of appointments, you can book your COVID vaccination at the mass vaccination site (Tennis Centre – Etihad Campus). Don’t worry if you can’t travel to the Tennis Centre, we will send you an invitation to our local GP run centre soon. To book now visit https://gmmvs.nhs**************or call 0161 947 ****  (8am – 6pm Mon-Fri). To book your appointment you will need your NHS number which is ### ==== ++++ Please keep this message as you may be asked to show it at your appointment. Thank you



The surgery is NOT able to order vaccinations, we are informed of a delivery and have to act upon this information as soon as we have it. This will mean that appointments will be made at short notice.


Who can have the vaccine?

The Government and Public Health England identify who we are able to recall for the vaccinations at what times. The practice is not able to vaccinate outside this guidance.


How we contact you.

The surgery will offer vaccines to all patients in the current catchment groups. details of groups

The easiest method to do this is to send a text message out to ask you to book an appointment via a secure link. Please ensure we have your update mobile number.

If we are unable to contact your by text message or you do not respond, the surgery will phone you or write you a letter.


Housebound patients

All care home patients will be vaccinated in the care home by a specialist team, the care home will be contacted to arrange a day to attend.

Housebound patients will be contacted directly arrange a visit.

Home visits are currently under way by our wonder Army and Navy services (08.02.2021). 

2nd Vaccine

Your 2nd vaccine will be due 12 weeks from your 1st vaccine. You will be contacted closer to this time to ensure we have the vaccine is stock. please ensure we have up to date contact details for you. if you need to update your contact details please email nmccg@hazeldenemc@nhs.net.


Public enquires/feedback

Members of the public or community groups who have enquiries about the Vaccination programme should email mhcc.engagement@nhs.net. Feedback or complaints about the Vaccination programme should be directed to nhscomplaints@manchester.gov.uk .