Hazeldene Medical Centre

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Home Visits

Home visits are at the discretion of the doctor.

  • Please do not ask a doctor to call unless the patient is genuinely too ill to come to the surgery. We can see at least four patients at the surgery in the time it takes to see one at home.
  • If the patient has a high temperature or a rash, coming to the surgery will do no harm and will not endanger others. In this event please inform reception on arrival, so that the patient may go directly into an examination room.
  • When the condition of the patient does require a home visit, please try to give notice before 10:00am on the same day the visit is required.
  • When you request a visit you will be asked for full details of the patient’s name, address, age and telephone number and the reason for the visit. This information enables the doctors to plan their calls and allows urgent visits to be dealt with promptly. A doctor will usually phone you prior to the visit.
  • There are currently other services available who the GP might refer to do do home visits where necessary.