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97 Moston Lane East, New Moston, Manchester, M40 3HD

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The Hazeldene Medical Centre
97 Moston Lane East, New Moston, Manchester M40 3HD
(Telephone: 0161 241 8039)
Dr P A C Taylor • Dr H Dubey


An open letter to the patients

The information recently announced by the media regarding the the surgery now being open as before the pandemic started is for GUIDANCE only . 

The surgery takes the risk of infection extremely seriously.

Due to infection rates in the surrounding areas the the surgery has made the decision that we will NOT be opening the surgery doors to allow general access to the reception desk. 

You will only be able to coming into the practice if you have a pre arranged and pre screened appointment. 

Please continue to access medical care via the practice as you have been doing in during the current pandemic, by Phone, Email or Online Consultation. 

We thank you for your help, patience and understanding during this very difficult time. 

Please help us keep YOU, OTHER PATIENTS and our STAFF Safe. 

Thank you 

Dr P Taylor and Dr H Dubey  Kim McDermott – Practice Manger 


Further information:

The surgery waiting room:

For all patients who have previously attended the practice you will be aware that the surgery waiting room can currently only allow 5 patients to be sat in a social distanced way. If our doors were to be open as ‘normal’ we  would only be able to seat 3/4 patients in the waiting room to allow access to the reception desk – 3/4 patients in the waiting room awaiting an appointment does not cover the actual appointments already made to see the Nurse, HCA, Midwife or GP.

What if I need to see the GP Face to Face?

All patients will be able to see their GP after a Telephone consultation if the GP has deemed you need to be seen Face to Face. Most medical conditions can be managed over the phone or via Video Consultations. Rest assured that antibiotics can be given where clinically needed by a GP over the phone or by a Video Consultation.

Infection Rates:

As reported, some areas close to Manchester have reported a significant increase in infection rates. the practice takes these reports VERY seriously and do not want to be in the position of not being able to provide care to our patients due to a positive case coming into the practice.

What happens if a positive Covid 19 Case comes to the surgery?

The surgery will have to close for a DEEP CLEAN, this means that staff will need to be sent home and the building closed until a deep clean is booked and completed.


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